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Can't purchase DynDns Pro


I have a problem with purchasing DynDNS Pro; I'm not sure if anyone else has encountered this. For some reason, the annual fee payment was automatically set on my private PayPal account, which deducted the $55. Following an email, they refunded the amount to me, and as a result, my account reverted to free.

I want to purchase the DynDNS Pro service with company card, and it adds to the cart, but when I want to pay, it says: Order in progress. Your order is currently in progress... Details are available in your Order History and it won't proceed. In the order history, I see that the refund is dated today; I thought that reaching this date and time would resolve the issue, but unfortunately, it hasn't.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? I've written to support, but unfortunately, I haven't received a reply from them yet. Additionally, I have 4 more paid DynDNS accounts with several DynDNS Pro services.

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Added on Feb 21 2024