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Can't display PDF report with column summary

DanielSagnerJun 13 2014 — edited Jul 1 2014

I have seen many similar posts, but no definitive answer.

In Apex 4.2.5 (on 11g2) I create Report Query, export xml data, upload it to MS Word and make a simple rtf layout (a table with group above.)

I upload rtf by creating a Report Layout in Apex, associate it with my Report Query and run (via button). It correctly opens desired pdf.

Now, back in the Word layout I add a summary below repeating group (Field -> Amount -> Calculation -> Sum (Check "on grouping") -> Insert)

Preview is perfect. However, when I upload this layout back to Apex, PDF does not open: Adobe Reader could not open file... either not supported or damaged... etc.

So, the Sum function is the apparent culprit (!?) I tried with Count, Min, and Max and it works fine.

What is the use of a report without summaries?

After reading that null values in the column can cause this, I put nvl(Amount,0) in my view which is the source of data, but it didn't help.

P.S. I am just evaluating Apex and BI Publisher, so I use BIP Trial edition v11. May this be the problem? (I'm certainly not going to download 7Gb of BI for making one simple balance sheet for testing purposes).

Everything is on Win Server 2008 64. Tried with MS Word 2007 and 2010.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Daniel S.

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Added on Jun 13 2014