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can't connect to administrative observiced - failed to validate certificate

Dmitry Kuznetsov SIBJan 25 2019 — edited May 17 2019


I installed and use OSB 10.4 for already several years without much problems.

Since recently it stopped working because obtool cannot connect to admin server, even from the admin server itself.

I realize that this is because of expired validity of SSL certificate used by OSB for communication, hence decided to turn it off using suggested command "setp securecomms off". But this is impossible because it requires upfront obtool connects to the admin server, which fails. Perhaps it is possible to tweak the repository of parameters and set the flag "securecomms off" directly there?

I also tried to reinstall admin server, assuming this re-generates certificate and even change key length from 1024 to 2048 in obparameters file. Installation finished, but problem remains.

Could anyone suggest how it can be fixed [keeping the current version]?



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Added on Jan 25 2019