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Can OVM VMs run on Sparc, on SAN?

User_Y2Y3IJul 17 2021 — edited Jul 17 2021

I have few x86 servers, with Linux installed on them. I configured OVM and it is all good with SAN storage.
We need some Sparc based platform too. That means, instead of x86, we will be needing Sparc servers. As per few notes VM can only reside on repository and repository can be created only with NFS and not by SAN.
I want to have clarification on this. Will VMs be not slow, if they will sit on NFS because NFS will be slower than SAN? Even if we don't need clustering, can't we have VMs on SAN if underlying host is SPARC server?

This post has been answered by Nik on Jul 19 2021
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Added on Jul 17 2021
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