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Can ORDS 22.1 can run against OCI ATP Database

We are migrating our on-premise database (APEX 18 and ORDS 19) to OCI ATP.
We need to run customer managed ORDS (as our connection pools need to be quite big and we want to control some of the other functionality).
The installation instructions for ORDS say to do a yum install of ORDS. This installs 22.1.
Installation, Configuration, and Development Guide (0 Bytes)However the version of ORDS installed on the ATP database is 21.4.

This seems to be working ok (after following instructions to configure ORDS in the nice new way and pass the config directory to Tomcat when its started).
Are we likely to run into any problems? Or do we need to manually download and configure the same ORDS version on our application server that's in the ATP?

This post has been answered by thatJeffSmith-Oracle on May 25 2022
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Added on May 25 2022