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Can not pull docker image in swarm mode

3184721Oct 25 2019 — edited Oct 25 2019

When I create a stack with image in gitlab registry I get: "image not found".

But if I just run on any node:

$ docker pull <my image>

image download and my service start only on this node.

Command to run stack:

$ docker stack deploy --prune --with-registry-auth=true -c docker-compose.yml mystack

This work on docker engine from official site but does not work on oracle linux server 7.7

Docker version 18.09.1-ol, build e32a1bd - does not work

Docker version 18.09.9, build 039a7df9ba - it works

What is differences?

Every time when I do

$ docker login myregistryhost:port

oracle docker ask password however in ~/.docker/config.json I see added auths record.

Very strange...

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Added on Oct 25 2019
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