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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)


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Can no longer reinstall XE 21c

User_ZUZ6NFeb 27 2023


I think that we need to do more than just uninstall XE. It looks like we have to clear out some folders, as well. But I'm nervous about just removing folders.

A few weeks ago, XE 21c stopped working. We started receiving TNS:Listener and other errors, regarding XE.

All of the remote databases were fine, no problems with queries.

TNSADMIN.ora still contained correct configurations for both the remote databases and the local XE. There services seemed to be ok, although one time one of them was inactive.

So we tried uninstalling and reinstalling. But after doing so, none of the Oracle services were installed.

Checking the logs, the error is that

“The database software home ../../21c/dbhomeXE is already registered in the central inventory…”

So I looked this up on the web, but most of the advice seems to apply to earlier versions, nothing about 21c.

We still don't know why it stopped working to begin with. But we can easily recreate the local database, as soon as we have a local installation running.

How do we completely remove any traces of XE before reinstalling, without messing up anything else?


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Added on Feb 27 2023