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Can I automate FDM Multiload text file processing as a single file rather than one file per period?

MikeHoweJul 3 2014

Hi all,

I am trying to automate the loading of my budget files into FDM, the files all contain 52 periods of data (weekly frequency of data) so I am using multiload text file type.

My files will process through the FDM web application successfully and processes each budget file as one load file but when I use a batchlod script to perform the same excercise FDM treats the files differently and processes each period as an individual load file.

The batch script that I am using is

'Declare Local Variables
Dim lngProcessLevel
Dim blnAutoMapCorrect

'Initialize Variables
lngProcessLevel = 12   'Up-To-Check
blnAutoMapCorrect = 0

'Create the file collection
Set BATCHENG.PcolFiles = BATCHENG.fFileCollectionCreateML

'Execute a Multi-Load Serial batch
BATCHENG.mFileCollectionProcessML BATCHENG.PcolFiles, CLng(lngProcessLevel), CBool(blnAutoMapCorrect)

End Sub

Can anyone tell me what I am missing or provide an alternative script?

Many Thanks