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Can both Oracle Forms and exist in the same machine

Dan KingFeb 7 2024

Hey guys,

We have successfully installed Forms with Weblogic 12c that we use to run our main application locally in our laptops. Now we have another application but this time it uses Forms We know that the 2 versions are not forward-compatible. So we are considering on installing Forms in a standalone setup. But we are not sure how it's going to impact the existing Forms and Weblogic 12c in our machines. Just letting you know that it took us some time to properly configure Forms and Weblogic to properly run our application.
So if there's anyone who have done this before, we would like to hear your insights, opinions (or struggles) when you installed 2 versions of Forms 12c in your workstations.

This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Feb 7 2024
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Added on Feb 7 2024