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Can a Solaris 10 zone be patched if it's on a Solaris 11 global zone?

Jeff CauhapeAug 3 2017 — edited Aug 4 2017

Is it possible to patch a Solaris 10 zone if it's being hosted on a server where the global zone is Solaris 11?

This is on a SPARC T4-1 server.

I think I recall that once a Solaris 10 zone is moved to a host who's global zone is Solaris 11, that it is

no longer possible to patch the Solaris 10 zone. I can't find the reference, and I need a definitive answer.

If it IS possible to patch the Solaris 10 zone in this case, it would be very handy if someone could post a

link describing where to find the latest recommended patch set for Solaris 10.

Thanks much,


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Added on Aug 3 2017