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calling spool file and generated .sql file from a procedure/package

519811Sep 16 2008 — edited Sep 18 2008
i found this code to disable all constraints.

set feedback off
set verify off
set echo off
prompt Finding constraints to disable...
set termout off
set pages 80
set heading off
set linesize 120
spool tmp_disable.sql;
select 'spool igen_disable.log;' from dual;
select 'ALTER TABLE '||substr(c.table_name,1,35)||
' DISABLE CONSTRAINT '||constraint_name||' ;'
from user_constraints c, user_tables u
where c.table_name = u.table_name;
--and c.constraint_type IN ('P','R','U');
select 'exit;' from dual;
set termout on
prompt Disabling constraints now...
set termout off

however, there are other procedures that shall be done after disabling the constraints. I want to put them in one package. How do I call this from a procedure? When I tried to simply enclose it in a PROCEDURE format, the spool file command is not recognized. It returned error message. Hope anyone can help me with this. Thanks in advance.
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