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Calling Java method from c

813103Apr 15 2011 — edited Apr 20 2011
Hi. THis is my problem:

I want to write applet that draws amplitude of a line-out, meaning it draws what you hear. I have the c++ part that reads samples and stores them in a buffer alredy written and the java part that calculate FFT writen as well. Now when the buffer is full c++ dispatche the event and i grab those samples and now i my problem. How to write function that passes that array to the java class. For clarity.

Java code:
public class applet extends Applet
public native void start();
public native void stop();

public void setSamples(byte[] array)  //<-- this is the method that i need to call from c++
C++ code:
void fullBuffer(char *array)//<-- this function is run when buffor is filled
lEnv->CallVoidMethod(class_to_be_called,mid_byteAray,jbyteArray); //<-- this of cousre doesn't work but i need somthing with the same effect
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Added on Apr 15 2011