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Calling an external REST API via an ADF REST DataControl

Timo HahnMar 28 2017 — edited Apr 3 2017


I'm using JDev and created a small sample which uses an external REST service (e.g. to get some data from the service. A REST DataControl in then build from this REST service. Running the application on the integrated wls and/or a stand alone WLS returns the right data. When I run the application on the JCS instance  the REST calls are not working. All I get in hte logs is

Exception in invoking HTTP method GET from Rest data control. Cause: Tried all: 3 addresses, but could not connect over HTTPS to server: port: 443

It looks like calling an external REST service is not allowed. The whole REST call looke like

and work perfectly, meaning that it return data.

Is there any configuration needed on the JCS?


Update: I tried some other things and got another piece of information. I logged into the server as OPC user and used curl to get to the address and got


Not even a root the url is reachable. So it look like accessing external urls is blocked somehow. Doing the same from the DBCS works without a problem. Using the same curl command I get the right JSON response.

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Added on Mar 28 2017