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Button with mailto option and content from report

ersc01Feb 1 2024

I have a Classic Report with a button. Behind that button is a DA that executes Javascript code:
'mailto:' + $v(P7_EMAILRESOURCE) + '?subject=Some Text&body=' + $v(P7_MAILDATA)

The item P7_MAILDATA has the content of the report with some rows and 4 columns.

When the number of rows is below 15 it runs fine and a email is opened in Outlook with the content of P7_MAILDATA but with more rows, the mailto does not work.

P7_MAILDATA is filled by a DA on PageLoad by a bit of PLSQL-code.

I am using the mailto because I need to be able to edit the concept mail-message by different users.

Is there something I am overseeing why the mailto does nog work with multiple rows?

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Added on Feb 1 2024