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business service endpoint using Oracle Service Bus API

SivaBalan19Oct 18 2018 — edited Oct 19 2018

Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing great. During runtime, I am trying to get the endpoint of a business service that is deployed in OSB 12c using Java.

My objective is to create a custom xpath function(using java) which gets the business service URI and return back the endpoint(or transport configuration) set in it during runtime.

Have anyone ever tried this ? After googling,  i see we can parse DVM, schemas, pipeline,etc. But, not findind the jar/class details for the business service.

Link :

Link : (Not able to find the so called other repositories)

Any pointer on this would help alot.


Siva V

This post has been answered by Martien van den Akker on Oct 18 2018
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Added on Oct 18 2018