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Business Component Substitution Problem

MaximusDecimusSep 10 2019 — edited Sep 23 2019

Hi. I'm using JDeveloper

I'm trying to configure my application to substitute business components (for starters, just a single view object definition) imported from a base library. I've tried to follow the Extending Business Components section (section 12 of the Fusion Middleware Fusion Developer's Guide) to achieve this.

I created a library JAR file from a base model project containing the original VO definition (and from where the application module is also referenced). Then in a new application model project, the library JAR file is added to the project, and a new VO is created, extended from a VO defined in the library.

The substitution of the old VO for the new VO is then defined in the JPX file of the new model project. However at runtime, no substitution takes place and the original VO definition is used.

According to the documentation, importing then extending the component is the way to do this. Is that correct?

When the substitution (and extended VO) is defined in the base application, then consumed as a library in the new project, the substitution takes place as you would expect.

So my question is whether it's possible to do this, with the app module consumed from a library?

Thanks for any help. If I've missed any significant information, please let me know.

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Added on Sep 10 2019