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Bus I/O sparc T7-2

ArwAug 31 2017 — edited Sep 5 2017


I am trying to allocate some bus to a secondary domain. I am getting UNK status on the bus as shown below.

# ldm list-io

NAME                                       TYPE   BUS      DOMAIN    STATUS

----                                       ----   ---      ------    ------

pci_0                                      BUS    pci_0    primary   IOV

pci_1                                      BUS    pci_1    primary   IOV

pci_2                                      BUS    pci_2    primary   IOV

pci_3                                      BUS    pci_3    primary   IOV

pci_4                                      BUS    pci_4    primary   IOV

pci_5                                      BUS    pci_5             

pci_6                                      BUS    pci_6             

pci_7                                      BUS    pci_7             

pci_8                                      BUS    pci_8             

pci_9                                      BUS    pci_9    primary   IOV

/SYS/MB/PCIE4                              PCIE   pci_0    primary   EMP

/SYS/MB/SASHBA0                            PCIE   pci_0    primary   OCC

/SYS/MB/PCIE3                              PCIE   pci_1    primary   EMP

/SYS/MB/NET0                               PCIE   pci_1    primary   OCC

/SYS/MB/PCIE2                              PCIE   pci_2    primary   OCC

/SYS/MB/PCIE1                              PCIE   pci_3    primary   OCC

/SYS/MB/PCIE6                              PCIE   pci_5              UNK

/SYS/MB/SASHBA1                            PCIE   pci_5              UNK

/SYS/MB/PCIE8                              PCIE   pci_6              UNK

/SYS/MB/PCIE7                              PCIE   pci_7              UNK

/SYS/MB/PCIE5                              PCIE   pci_8              UNK

/SYS/MB/NET2                               PCIE   pci_8              UNK

/SYS/MB/NET0/IOVNET.PF0                    PF     pci_1    primary  

/SYS/MB/NET0/IOVNET.PF1                    PF     pci_1    primary  

/SYS/MB/PCIE2/IOVNET.PF0                   PF     pci_2    primary  

/SYS/MB/PCIE2/IOVNET.PF1                   PF     pci_2    primary  

/SYS/MB/PCIE1/IOVFC.PF0                    PF     pci_3    primary  

/SYS/MB/PCIE1/IOVFC.PF1                    PF     pci_3    primary  

Can anyone please help me remove this error on the bus.



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Added on Aug 31 2017