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Building a Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) Menus

GhanaApexDeveloperJul 3 2017 — edited Jul 4 2017

Hi all,

i am trying to building an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) where users can interact with a service via a Mobile Network Operator Gateway using Node js and PL/SQL to build menus.



I Let's say I have a ussd application to provide the following contrived services from this Menu:

 1 - get free joke 2 - register for paid joke (ie 10 jokes/day) 3 - get balance for paid joke (remaining ) 

Under 1 I have other options like categories :

1 - satire 2 - nerdy 3 - explicit 

Under 2 I could have options like:

1 - tumblr 2 - yahoo 3 - hotmail 

Under 2-1 for example it can show payment options like :

1 - paypal 2 - stipe 

Then under 2-1-1 , it can ask for email, then password or so etc.

This can get other nested structure where some payment method are enabled for some vendors or not etc.

I want pointers if possible on how to start.

Thank you.

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Added on Jul 3 2017
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