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Building a Dimension from two separate tables

PabloC2Sep 11 2008 — edited Sep 11 2008
Hello there,

I need some help trying to build a dimension / hierarchy in the Business Model layer using Administrator . The situation is the following:

I have two different logical tables DATE and TIME. I created a DATE Dimension from the DATE Table which goes like this:

DATE DIM: Year --> Quarter --> Month --> Day

and a TIME Dimension from the TIME Table :

TIME DIM: Hours --> Minutes

Now, I'm having problems trying to build a unique dimension that will allow me to drill down from Days (lowest level in DATE Dim) to Hours (Highest level in TIME Dim).

Is there a way to build a unique dimension having these to separate tables? (Drill down from Days to Hours).

The only solution that I found was to build a view from the DATE Table and TIME Table and then create a dimension on top of that view, but this might bring performance issues to my model.

Thanks for your Help.


Edited by: PabloC2 on Sep 11, 2008 10:29 AM
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