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Bugs on ODP.NET 23.2.0-Dev

user-4jt7yAug 14 2023 — edited Aug 14 2023

Hey, hello, I started to try today your new ODP.Net Core NuGet package and found 2 problems when trying to use the new Advanced Queues classes:

  1. An exception is being raised when trying to use the instance version of the method OracleAQQueue.Listen passing ‘null’ as first parameter (as recommended for single consumer queue). Looking into the code I saw this code for creating an agent:
for (int i = 0; i < num; i++) 
    array[i] = new OracleAQAgent((listenConsumers != null) ? listenConsumers[i] : null, m_name); 

There if listen consumers is null then null is passed as the first parameter of the OracleAQAgent constructor and then, looking into the OracleAQAgent constructor I saw this:

public OracleAQAgent(string name, string address) 
    if (name == null) 
        throw new ArgumentNullException("name"); 

    // .... more code here ....

At least on the decompilation I don't see a way to pass null or and empty array as was possible for the unmanaged driver.

2. The second error is when trying to and an event handler to the MessageAvailable event of the OracleAQQueue class, this is the message: Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client.OracleException: 'ORA-00904: "SHARDED": invalid identifier'

I'm using DB version 11g of the database.


This post has been answered by Alex Keh-Oracle on Aug 16 2023
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Added on Aug 14 2023