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BUG? Multi-selection, read-only select lists repeat values

Eric Olson 1Dec 16 2020

I've just upgraded from 5.x to 20.1 (whew!) and found one application that is displaying changed behavior, and I'm pretty sure it's a bug.
I have a select list that allows multi-selection, with about 5 values and 3 selected. When it's displayed in read-only mode, there are three items displayed, but the display value for the first item is repeated. When it's non-read-only mode, the items display as expected.
Demo here: Select List, Read-Only
Can anyone suggest a workaround for this? If this is a bug, and is fixed in Apex 21.1 or whatever, I'm not able to upgrade past this version because of the removal of IE 11 support.

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Added on Dec 16 2020