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BUG? 11g unable to deploy application-level profiles from ANT

John StegemanJan 17 2009 — edited Dec 22 2009
Hi all,

I am trying to use the ANT ojdeploy task to deploy an application-level (i.e, EAR file specified as a deployment profile for the JWS), but am not able to get it to work. When I use the ojdeploy command-line, I am able to successfully specify -workspace and -profile options to have it work. In my ANT script, if I specify just the workspace and profile options in an ANT script, I get:
build.xml:13: Missing <workspace>, <project> or <profile> parameter in <deploy> element.
The documentation in JDeveloper help is certainly sketchy in this regard - it does say that -project is optional when using ojdeploy command line, but there is no corresponding documentation for the ojdeploy ANT task.

Can anyone from Oracle comment on this behaviour?



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