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Branching to Modal

Pavel_pAug 3 2017 — edited Aug 4 2017

Hi all,

this is a followup to this thread and mainly to this @"John Snyders-Oracle" blogpost Passing Data in and out of APEX Dialogs – HardLikeSoftware . There are some parts that make me really confused, especially

Note: Anyone working with APEX 5.0 and dialogs for a while now should know that you can’t use a server side branch to redirect to a dialog page.

Yes, I noticed that but considered it as a bug.

You may be surprised to find that in 5.1 it does work in some cases.

Well, I definitely was not surprised, I just thought the "bug" was fixed in 5.1.

If the page attribute Reload on Submit is Only for Success then it will work.

I just tried it and it seems correct. Well, "the bug" was corrected only partially. Btw, the error produced is really cryptic (Corrupted Content Error) and I would have never ever found there is some connection between the the Reload on Submit page attribute.

Before you think that this is some cool new 5.1 feature let me tell you this is a mistake; an unintended consequence of how reload on submit only for success works. I was surprised to find that this works. You should not rely on it working in the future. So to be clear do not branch to dialog pages.

Well, to be honest, there seem to be a lot of things in 5.1 that cannot be relied on anymore. But modal pages were one of the main changes in 5.0, so I would automatically expect that they support standard APEX things like branches. Also there is a packaged app Sample Dialog where on the (modal) Page 8, there is a Submit button and then a branch to another modal page (9). So is it valid to create a branch from modal to another modal, while branching from normal to modal is not recommended? I'm completely confused and it would be highly helpful if someone from the development team could make things absolutely clear.

It would be nice if there was some branch validation implemented in the IDE to avoid any confusion.

Thanks a lot,


This post has been answered by John Snyders-Oracle on Aug 3 2017
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