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#BOX_BODY# - how to configure my app to stop showing this on screen

527077May 20 2024

Hi all

Apologies this is most likely a pretty straight forward point but could not find an answer in the forum for it. I've been tasked with building what I think is a pretty straight forward application. First time using Apex though so assume I know little.

Just a single page with one region, which is a type of URL.

On a Pre Render > Before Header Process in PLSQL I make a few DB procedure calls to do some security stuff then set then the session state for the URL for the region, which then calls a DB package to output some HTML. All seems to work fine. However I have this stubbon #BOX_BODY# showing on my page (see screenshot below, bottom left).


I can see that it has picked it up from the page template ("blankPage") - however I am not sure what I meant do from here. Am I using the incorrect template or am I meant to be setting a value for #BOX_BODY# somewhere? In terms of what I am wanting to see on screen, it is only the output of the PLSQL package the region URL is point to, i.e. I just need to not have this #BOX_BODY# string show on screen. Any assistance would be appreciated.


This post has been answered by InoL on May 20 2024
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Added on May 20 2024