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Bizarre Weblogic SSL issue

Shenyu.ZhengApr 1 2015

Hi, all,

I have a very strange issue which I have been tackling for days.

We have 2 weblogic servers which are behind a LB. Each of them has their own SSL certificate. And LB terminates the SSL. In the beginning, 2 web servers get started and everything works fine. We can access all 3 urls (including LB) using HTTPS.

After random number of hours, normally after 10 or more hours, the weblogic server will stop responding to my browser requests. When doing it from curl, I can see browser sent client hello, but no server hello is sent back. What's interesting is that if we go from LB, the server in issue is still responding. Also, if I launch a browser from presumably another network (likely in the same network the weblogic server is on), I can access the server in question.

At this moment, if I restart weblogic server, it will be fine. But then the same thing would happen again after hours.

The only thing I can think of is the JSSE that we enabled on weblogic. But other than that, I don't have any clue.

Any suggestions?


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