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BI Scheduler and Presentation Service Communication

729404Oct 22 2009 — edited Oct 23 2009
I have the BI Scheduler running on a UNIX box and 2 Presentation Servers running behind a Load Balancer.

The 2 Presentation Servers are sharing the same catalog. When I configure the BI Scheduler to communicate directly to one of the physical host server the iBot runs successfully. However if I configure it to go though the Load Balancer host name it gives me the following error:

[Util Logger] Exception occured:
Type:const saw::Exception*
Message:Assertion failure: ((t32 == 0) && (m_nResponseCode != RPCSysMessage::kSuccess)) || (t32 == 2) at line 127 of /net/sdcv440s082/vol1/users/anabuild/views/nightly/S

I can telnet to the load balancer host name at port 9710 successfully but the iBot will still not run. Any ideas on what needs to be configured on the load balancer side to get this to work?


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