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BI Publisher Template Builder not visible in Word

I am attempting to install the the BI Publisher Template Builder Add-in. And, as usual, having no luck making the Publisher option appear on the Word menu.
Software versions on my PC:
MS Office 64-bit Version 2209 Build 16.0.15629.20256.
Java SE Development Kit version 8 update 311 (64 bit) 8.0.3110.11.
Microsoft .NET Runtime - (x64).
From, I clicked the 'Oracle Analytics Publisher Desktop 6.4.0 for 64 bit Office on Windows' link. I ticked the checkbox to download This downloaded a file named Oracle_SSN_DLM_12011246.exe.
I executed that file. It produced a zip file named I unzipped that file, which produced a file named OracleAnalyticsPublisherDesktop-6.4.0-win64.exe, dated 8/4/2022 with a file size of 201MB. I right-clicked that file and selected 'Run as Administrator' to begin the installation.
I accepted the default destination folder c:\Program Files\Oracle\Oracle Analytics Publisher\Oracle Analytics Publisher Desktop. The installer went through the usual stuff - templates, samples, fonts, etc..., completing in less than 30 seconds.
MS Word opened with the Welcome to Oracle Analytics Publisher document. But the Publisher option is not present on the Word menu. It IS present in Excel.
I have already tried all of the usual fixes that have been suggested over the many years that this problem has existed. None of them are helping. Including...
* Word Add-ins: The add-in is not listed in any category on the main page. Active, Inactive, Disabled - it isn't there.
* It also is not shown as an available add-in under the COM Add-ins, nor any other category under the 'Manage' option.
* Ran 'Enable or Disable Template Builder' twice. The first time disabled it, the second time enabled it. Still no menu entry.
* Navigated to the destination folder and opened the DotNetInstallFiles folder. Based on the suggestion found at, I executed setup.exe and selected the 'Repair' option. Upon completion, it reported 'TBAddInSetup64 has been successfully installed'. Still no BI Publisher on the Word menu or in the Add-Ins.
* In Word Add-ins, I went to COM Add-ins and clicked the Add button. Looked for TBAddin.vsto|vstolocal - does not exist. Tried ETBAddIn.vsto instead. "Not a valid Office Add-in."
* I've tried every suggestion at, including changing Trust Center settings.
And from, File ... Options ... Customize Ribbon: BI Publisher is not available as shown in the screenshot
Any additional suggestions?