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bi-directional sync between oracle rdbms to oracle nosql db

spicJan 19 2021 — edited Jan 19 2021

I am trying to figure out if there is away or a tool to sync database tables between Oracle RDBMS and oracle nosql database. My requirement is whenever there is a changes to tables in oracle rdbms table, then this value has to get synced into oracle nosql db table and vice versa in real time. Is this possible and is there a tool to do it. What are the alternative ways to do it. I am trying to build and app using oracle nosql database and i have a source or driving table in oracle rdbms. If syncing is possible, then how to handle the circular updates between dbs. like updates to table 1 is updated to the other database table and this causes an update back to source database and vice versa.


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Added on Jan 19 2021
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