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Best strategy to upload a big data file and then to insert in db the content

jef_2802May 14 2014


Here's our requirement. We have a web business application developed on JSF 1.2, JE66, WebLogic for application server, and Oracle for the data back end tier. We need to upload big data files (80 to 100 Mb) from a web page, and persist the content in database tables.

What's the best way in terms of performance to implement this use case ? Once the file is uploaded on server a command button is available on the web pageĀ  to trigger a JSF controller action in order to save data in database.

Actually we plan to keep in memory the content of the http request, and call insert line on each line of the file. But i think it's bad and not scalable.

Is is better to write the file on server's disk and then use multiple threads to send the lines to the database ? How to use multi threading in a JSF managed bean ?


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