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[Best practice] How to call a service from custom Java code

745919Jan 20 2010 — edited Mar 24 2011
Hi all,

I'm wondering what the best method is to call a standard service from custom Java code?

In a specific situation iDoc script is extended with custom functions with a custom component. There's Java code mapping to these functions that is executing these functions. The iDoc script functions are called from a workflow entry script.

In the Java code that runs when the custom iDoc functions are called, I want to call a standard Content Server service. I don't think that the m_service variable is available, so filling the binder and using m_service.executeService() probably isn't possible.

Also, if it were possible (that is, if I want to call a standard service from my own custom service Java code), what would then be the best method to do so?

Regards, Stijn
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