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Behaviour of columns vs items

MMNonApex-OracleDec 13 2017 — edited Dec 27 2017


Despite my age, I am a newbee on Oracle Apex. A long time ago I used to dev with Oracle Forms

I would like to know why the behaviour of columns (Interactive report/grid) is so different from items. On the wed, articles are often speaking of items rarely of columns

For example : Rich text Editor does not exists for columns (Wrong ?).

Another thing, it seems impossible to me to set in session state/access the value of a column (especially do trigger some queries : POST QUERY in theĀ  Forms' old times on anther region)

In others words how can i copy the value of a column (interactive report/grid) to an item that will be accessible for use in sql : so far i am unable to do something like this : apex_util.set_session_state ('<item_name>', v('column_name'))

Well i am really lost...

Thank in advance you for your clever answers and pointers to docs that could help me.


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Added on Dec 13 2017