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BEA 9.2 weblogic portal upgrade to Oracle 10.3.6 weblogic portal issues

ChiefRedCloudSep 29 2015 — edited Nov 2 2015

Hello all,

I'm currently in the process of performing upgrade from BEA 9.2 weblogic portal upgrade to Oracle 10.3.6 weblogic portal. 

I've upgraded my BEA 9.2 content repository per Oracle documentation by executing the db upgrade scripts

I've installed my Oracle 10.3.6 Weblogic environment. I've also configured all the necessary components on Oracle 10.3.6 Weblogic portal side as well.

I'm encountering an error whenver I attempt to deploy application that was built in BEA 9.2 workshop and the error is as follows:

<Sep 29, 2015 4:02:47 PM CDT> <Info> <Deployer> <BEA-149060> <Module META-INF/wps-config.xml of application MEPCOMPortalEAR successfully transitioned from STATE_PREPARED to STATE_NEW on server managed_erecords_1.>
weblogic.application.ModuleException: Exception preparing module: EJBModule(content.jar)

Unable to deploy EJB: content.jar from content.jar:

There are 1 nested errors:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Class not found: com/bea/content/manager/i18n/ManagerExceptionTextFormatter

The classes that cannot be found specifically have to do with the Oracle Weblogic Portal content repository side of things.

I've included the path of these content repository jars (content.jar, content_system.jar p13n(jars), wps_system.jar, weblogic.jar etc...)  as part of my classpath environment variable that is setup within the script

Anyone have any clues as to how to solve this issue?

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Added on Sep 29 2015