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Batch Asses Service vs 'Standard' Asses Service

Dennis van ReijnApr 24 2019 — edited Jul 9 2019

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience in using both the Batch Asses Service as the 'standard' Asses Service?

I am wondering what the real differences are next to SOAP vs REST.

What I am especially looking for is what the benefit is of using the Batch Assess Service:

- Is there really a lot of performance difference if you use this Batch Assess Service?

- Is there are certain moment where you really need to step over from the 'Standard' Asses Service' to the Batch Asses Service and run into limitation from the 'Standard Assess Service'?

Please share me your experiences.

Kind regards,

Dennis van Reijn

This post has been answered by Orlando Rodrigues on Apr 30 2019
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Added on Apr 24 2019