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Badge Plugin - link target value

Scott WesleyJun 9 2017 — edited Jun 13 2017

There is a great discussion here on the various badge options in APEX

Apex 5.1 Badge list

Among other things, it refers to the Badge plugin from the sample application, and when defining a link target you can "Incorporate the PK_ID"

I elected to try this plugin since the badge list report template does not support links from each badge.

The badge list template does support links, but the plugin has a cleaner display.

However, when I tried to define each badge to link to a page, parameterised by the relevant label/code.


I get this


Not this


I checked the plugin code and it's replacing substitution strings

                l_url := apex_util.prepare_url (

                             apex_plugin_util.replace_substitutions (

                                 p_value  => c_link_target,

                                 p_escape => false ));

But I suspect it's targeting &APP_ITEM. references, not information coming from the SQL column.

Is there something I can do in the plugin? Some other API that needs invoking?


APEX 5.0.1

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