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Bad performance in Interactive Report

cdisclaMay 3 2018 — edited May 3 2018


i have performance problems with a query that is fast when run in SqlDeveloper / SqlPlus but takes 6-7 seconds in an interactive report.

If i enable debug window, i see that 7.4 seconds are taken by IR binding: "APXWS_MAX_ROW_CNT" value="100000", if i clear Max Row Count value , the 7 seconds are taken by "IR binding: P67_FIELD_NAME1"; if i remove that field from the query it is taken by another field used as condition in the query.

How can it be solved?

Query returns 300-400 records and runs fine outside Apex.

Thanks in advance and greetings


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 09.46.21.png

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