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AutoVue - bit to bit - life expectancy

Mo DanieleApr 23 2017

This report may be more immediately relative to the Unifier community, but being posted here in the interest of other application which are Java dependent.
AutoVue is a JAVA dependent file viewing tool, and Primavera needs to be proactive now in resolving that dependency asap for the following reasons:

  1. Browsers - Windows 10 was released with both Internet Explorer 11 (32 bit), and MS Edge (to be the IE 11 replacement)   
  2. IE 11 and MAC OS are the ONLY browsers that currently support JAVA, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox do not.
  3. IE11 will no longer be supported post Windows 10, which means JAVA will not be supported on any computer with Windows 10+
  4. JAVA releases come in both 32 and 64 bit versions, however, must correspond with the Windows 10 IE 11 version (comes standard in 32 bit).
  5. AutoVue will run on a Windows 10 pc running IE11 (32 bit) if the user installs the 32bit version of JAVA, regardless of if the pc is 64 bit architecture.

Note: Other companies who's bread and butter is document management and markup software, have foreseen the path of JAVA and accordingly,

reconfigured and redeveloped their previously JAVA dependent AutoVue like tools, to be non-dependent of JAVA.  

IMHO Primavera should follow a similar development path, and if not already in planning, sooner rather than later.

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Added on Apr 23 2017