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AutoUpgrade returns errors on PDB$SEED

User_A7RKTSep 5 2020 — edited Sep 14 2020

Hi guys,

I am upgrading a Logical Standby database from 12c R2 to 19c on Linux 7 using AutoUpgrade.

Every thing went fine until I reached to the point of running the AutoUpgrade on Deploy mode.

The utility worked fine for nearly an hour and ended with the following error:

Errors in database [oradb2]

Stage     [POSTFIXUPS]

Operation [STOPPED]

Status    [ERROR]

Info    [

Error: UPG-1604

Errors executing [alter session set container=PDB$SEED;

Cause: Error executing a database command

For further details, see the log file located at /home/oracle/scripts/autoupgrade/oradb2/102/autoupgrade_20200905_user.log]


Logs: [/home/oracle/scripts/autoupgrade/oradb2/102/autoupgrade_20200905_user.log]


The log file reports the following error:

2020-09-05 22:47:24.988 ERROR Dispatcher failed: AutoUpgException [UPG-1603#oracle.upgrade.autoupgrade.utils.errors.AutoUpgException: AutoUpgException [UPG-1604#Errors executing [alter session set container=PDB$SEED;

alter session set "_oracle_script"=true;

alter pluggable database close immediate force instances=all;

alter pluggable database open read write instances=all;

Warning: PDB altered with errors.] [PDB$SEED]]]

2020-09-05 22:47:24.992 INFO Starting error management routine

2020-09-05 22:47:24.997 INFO Ended error management routine

2020-09-05 22:47:24.998 ERROR Error running dispatcher for job 102

Cause: Error executing a database command

2020-09-05 22:47:24.998 ERROR Dispatcher failed:

Error: UPG-1604

Errors executing [alter session set container=PDB$SEED;

The alert log file of the database contains the following error:

PDB$SEED(2):Undo initialization finished serial:0 start:8825641 end:8825809 diff:168 ms (0.2 seconds)

PDB$SEED(2):Database Characterset for PDB$SEED is AL32UTF8

Violations: Type: 1, Count: 1


PDB$SEED(2):WARNING: Pluggable Database PDB$SEED with pdb id - 2 is

PDB$SEED(2):         altered with errors or warnings. Please look into

PDB$SEED(2):         PDB_PLUG_IN_VIOLATIONS view for more details.



PDB$SEED(2):Opening pdb with no Resource Manager plan active

PDB$SEED(2):joxcsys_required_dirobj_exists: directory object exists with required path /u01/app/oracle/product/19.0.0/db_1/javavm/admin/, pid 18241 cid 2

Pluggable database PDB$SEED opened read write

PDB$SEED(2):Completed: alter pluggable database open read write instances=all


When I try to login to the database, I see it shutdown.

[oracle@srv1 ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Sat Sep 5 23:06:43 2020

Copyright (c) 1982, 2016, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to an idle instance.

SQL> startup mount

ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 1073741824 bytes

Fixed Size                  8801008 bytes

Variable Size             440403216 bytes

Database Buffers          616562688 bytes

Redo Buffers                7974912 bytes

ORA-00205: error in identifying control file, check alert log for more info

Any idea on handling the issue?

This post has been answered by User_A7RKT on Sep 7 2020
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Added on Sep 5 2020