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Autonomy + Oracle UCM

Is there any way to connect Oracle UCM content repository to Weblogic Portal 9.2 or 10.2? Is it through Virtual Content Repository? If so, how to add a new repository to the virtual content repository. It is asking for the SPI class, username and password. It will be great if anyone elaborate on this.

Let me tell you the scenario I am working on. I am implementing federated search (first source is HTTPFetch, second source is FileSystemFetch and the last source is Oracle content server). I have tried and tested the first 2 sources. They are working perfect. I am stuck with the third source. I do not know how to use Oracle content server as a connector to IDOL server. Is there any way for this? Also, I would like to know the purpose of BEACMRepoFetch.
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Locked on Dec 16 2008
Added on Nov 18 2008