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Automating Oracle Forms and Reports RCU

Mubashar TariqJun 15 2023

Our Oracle Forms and Reports Developers use a four step process to create required schema in the database. We use one database and each developer's schema are prefixed with their initials. This process can be simpler if DBA share SYS password but that is not possible. I am trying to see if this whole process can be scripted and hand the script to DBA to run. Following are current 4 steps

1- Developer runs C:\Oracle\Middleware\FR\oracle_common\bin\rcu.bat –silent –responseFile c:\Temp\ . This generate script_systemLoad.sql and script_postDataLoad.sql

2- DBA runs script_systemLoad.sql

3- Developer runs C:\Oracle\Middleware\FR\oracle_common\bin\rcu.bat –silent –responseFile c:\Temp\

4- DBA runs script_postDataLoad.sql

Question: How I can simplify this whole thing and make it one step process.

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Added on Jun 15 2023
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