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Automated way to pull Java updates?

4315414Sep 1 2020 — edited Sep 17 2020

Hi all,

I work in IT for a company and we are looking for a way to automate the pulling of certain Java updates as they come out. The 7 files we need are:

(X refers to latest version)

- jdk8uX-windows-i586.exe

- jdk-8uX-windows-x64.exe

- jdk-X_windows-x64_bin.exe

- jdk-X_windows-x64_bin.exe

- jre-8uX-windows-i586.exe

- jre-8uX-windows-x64.exe

- server-jre-8uX-windows-x64.tar.gz

Currently, we are able to pull these files from the Oracle website, however they are blocked behind a sign-in wall. In the past, we had a script that would run and scan the page for content, & automatically detect the install link and download them. But now, when I click on download, it prompts me to login each time. These files are downloaded then uploaded to an on-prem server that our developers can access. I'm curious to see if anyone else out there has developed a work around/solution or found a way to pull these files from a centrally managed place.



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Added on Sep 1 2020
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