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Automate Purge logs on HFM and the impact

airwolf_86Feb 3 2016 — edited Feb 9 2016

Hello everyone,

A few of our clients have their HFM logs growing considerably large and this is having a direct impact on the performance of HFM. I did read that once the row count stacks beyoung 500,000 there is a degradation in performance. The DB servers our MS SQL.

I was wondering if there is anyway to automate the purge of the log tables from the backend. I want to keep the last 90 days of logs and delete all the other stuff. Oracle is very vague about this and i couldn't find any good sources of documentation. My query is related 11.1.1 and above

1) Will a weekly or monthly purge automation be beneficial?

2) How can i automate the purge from the DB on the tables?

3) Is there an impact on HFM when the purge occurs?

4) Is there an impact on users/application if the application if open while the purge routine occurs?

Appreciate any help/documentation with regard to achieving this.