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Autogenerate friendly names upon Unmanaged Fibre Channel rescan

3666972Apr 27 2018 — edited Apr 30 2018


Does anybody have an idea how I could have the OVM mananger create friendly name of new storage?

When I rescan unmanaged storage ( e.g fibre channel) the friendly name is set to its WWID.

Not an issue for a few new discs, but tedious when we rebuild OVM servers or setup new clusters with new servers and new discs.  One has to change the friendly name of 1000s of discs.

Is there a way to have OVM auto-generate the friendly names? Perhaps taken from a template file or inside OVM itself?  Perhaps a hack or some script to do this?

I'd really appreciate any ideas on how to achieve this?

Best wishes, Sophie.

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Added on Apr 27 2018