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Auth method to integrate Apex with OAM and invoke Oracle Reports 12

Jose Aróstegui6 days ago — edited 6 days ago

Hi experts,

Our customer is using forms & reports 12 and wants to create new functionalities with Apex (22.2).

His must is to reuse the Oracle Reports. So, as it's just opening an URL (like http://web_server.domain_name:port/alias/rwservlet?parameters) I think it's completely feasible.

But as our Apex has a custom auth method to validate user/pwd against an LDAP, after you log into Apex, if you call a reports URL then you are redirected to Oracle Access Manager login screen:

This is annoying for the customer, so he's asking if we can use the OAM login as a single access point for both Apex and forms+reports.

I guess that we could deploy ORDS into the weblogic used by forms+reports, but I searching for the auth method to define in the Apex application, but I'm unsure in which one should we pick and investigate its config:

Any experience with this matter?


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Added 6 days ago