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AttachCurrentThread crash JVM Windows XP, Windows 2000 Ok

854288Apr 11 2011 — edited Apr 12 2011
I have a PCI card, that call a DLL and I subscribe a callback in that DLL, when the DLL call my code JNI, AttacCurrentThread and call to JVM.
This code run ok for Windows *2000*, but in Windows XP crash JMV in AttachCurrentThread.
The return value when I call to GetEnv is JNI_EDETACHED and the jvm information error is DuplicatedHandle.

I have been looking for pointer bugs, memory bugs, mallocs without free... but I haven't seen nothing.

The change is de the OS, is and upgrade from Windows *2000* to XP ServicePack 3.
The card driver and DLL is the same for Windows *2000* and Windows XP.

The computer is an Intel Core 2 Duo.

Someone know, if the SO do something diferent that cause the jvm crash,
someone know if the management of processors is different or the management threads...

Sorry, but my level english is low.

Thank you
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