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As basic as it gets - VBCS Java Script vs. Custom Objects and their groovy functions and events

Brian PruzanMar 9 2024

Hi- First post (obvious) - looking for context help on couple of basics.

When finding requirements that need to be addressed outside standard out of the box Oracle Cloud functionality, creative juices start to flow and you generally have choices on how you may solve a problem.

Two of the primary approaches we'd juggle couple years ago.

  1. build some j2ee application - and communicate over webservices
  2. more common in my space - I would advertise it as, build it in the Fusion Stack directly - for example in Cloud Supply Chain Management - many of the objects were application composer enabled - we'd create one-to-many Custom Objects - and could extensively develop extensions, attributes, relationship, trigger all sort of functions (written in groovy script) … could call internal webservices if you registered them within application - or external services too. When we ran into challenges acquiring data from a particular use case, we'd build a custom OTBI report, execute it thru the event trigger, retrieve the data, parse it and proceed. We were able to set use cases up asynchronously and at end of the day, could design a solution for many requested use case challenges.

This being said, we were not aware or did not have access to, tools such as Visual Builder Cloud Services and UI.

As I get back into this space, I'm wanting to understand if VBCS plays the role simplifying many of the things we used to do … more of a low code framework … and still provides capability of addressing similar use case challenges. I understand it is building out Javascript …

is it just a different UI and suite of tools than the one's available from Application Composer … or something completely different?

in other words, when generating what I'd like to call objects from VBCS … might they actually end up generating custom objects in Application Composer or two completely different paths here.

thanks in advance for your patience with me. - Brian

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Added on Mar 9 2024