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Array or ArrayList ?

25ff03f5-c9c5-4664-afa2-81d36adb4ba8Oct 2 2018 — edited Oct 26 2018

Hello Everybody,

I am quite new to Java, and I am working on a little project for myself to extend my knowledge skills in Java.

I am developing a little Programm called "Team Fees" for our team, where I can store the fees each player has.

The fees differentiate in 3:

  1. General fee
  2. Training fee
  3. GameDay fee

For Each of those I made a class.

  1. GeneralFine
  2. TrainingFine
  3. GameDayFine

For Each of those classes, they have Attributes FeeId, FeeDescription and FeeAmount.

Let's stick at first to the GeneralFine class.

I have a list with 12 fines for the GeneralFine class.
Each fine should have a FeeId, FeeDescription and an FeeAmount.

My Idea is that when I instantiate an Object from the Class GeneralFine, then the Object also should have an FeeId, FeeDescription and FeeAmount.

In the class I want to declare the FeeId, FeeDescription and FeeAmount. I am not sure tho how to do it the best and efficient way, shall I take Array or ArrayList ?

FeeId is of String Type

FeeDescription is also of String Type

FeeAmount is of double Type.

I want to make a list for the FeeDescription and FeeId and when I have it, I want to assign each object of the GeneralFine class a FeeId and FeeDescription from that Array.

Because at the End, one or more Player can have the same fees.

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Added on Oct 2 2018