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archivelog info

Mike301Jan 21 2014 — edited Jan 21 2014


Oracle: 11gR2

OS: Linux

I have below couple of questions...

1. What's the correct way to determine how much (size) archivelog generated yesterday on a primary db? ... there is also standby db in the infrastructure

     Do I have to use dest_id of the primary db in my query?

If I don't use dest_id than the count is double.

SELECT completion_time, thread#, sum(blocks * block_size)/1024/1024 "SIZE_MB"

FROM v$archived_log

WHERE completion_time > trunc(sysdate - 1)

AND dest_id = 1

GROUP BY completion_time, thread#;

2.  V$BACKUP_ASYNC_IO: Is there anyway to find archivelog actual CREATION TIME from this view?

     As I understand this view records all backupset details and archivelog details.

     Basically we record all databases backup details from this view into centralized audit table, so trying to get archivelog original creation time from this view.

Thank you for reading this...

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