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Approval Workflow issues

4034893Jun 21 2020


We configured the following approval workflow but we are facing issues:

1. We created three Approval workflows with the three levels of approval earlier they were working now they have stopped working. The approvals are not getting through and throwing an error in the Transaction Console. We created the workflows one month back which were working fine but now they have stopped working. What should I do ?

2. We created two Approval workflows for an Absence Type where:

   - Employee applies for a leave and Line Manager approves.

   - HR Generalist initiates and it gets auto approved.

These workflow were working before but they have stopped again. The approval which are for self approved those are also awaiting approval

3. We have to create two approval workflows where it involves one role only.

- When the Absence Specialist Role initiates those Absences Type it should be auto approved

- When anyone else applies for those 5 Absence Types it should go for approval to the Absence Specialist

Neither of them are working.

All the approvals going for approval and are failing.

We will really appreciate any help.

Need to fix it ASAP.

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Added on Jun 21 2020