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AppModule Security context is not cleaned after releasing

hoanvuphanApr 22 2022

Hi all,
I am using ADF 12.1.3, my application have both web application and batch jobs running.
When batch jobs running, I create new AppModule instance to be used inside the job by calling the code below:
Configuration.createRootApplicationModule(AppModuleImpl.DEFINITION_NAME, AppModuleImpl.CONFIGURATION_NAME_INTERFACE);
After the batch job complete, the AppModule is released in the finally block by calling
Configuration.releaseRootApplicationModule(am, false);
The batch job is scheduled using commonj.timers.TimerManager api.
When the job is running, if an entity is updated, the ModifiedBy attribute is set to anonymous automatically, so it's OK
So recent weeks, I am facing a problem that sometimes, the ModifiedBy attribute is set to some users that accessing the application at the same time (or a little bit before) of the batch job running.
It's really weird as it seems the security context in AppModule is not completely cleaned the after releasing. Is it possible? How is it possible?
Is it linked to AppModule pooling or something?
Do you have any idea?
Kind regards,

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Added on Apr 22 2022
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