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Apply patch to 11gR2 through OEM - ERROR: Invalid username and/or password

ultradumbJun 18 2010 — edited Jun 24 2010
I am trying to apply a patch to an 11gR2 database ( running on AIX 6.1. Using Oracle Enterprise Manager, I click on 'Software & Support' on Database tab, click on 'Patch Advisor' and click on 'Stage Patch' link. I use 'Search by number', locate the patch, click Next etc etc - select target, enter Oracle Home credentials etc. Finally I submit the patch job, and, after a minute or so I am getting 'Step: prereqCheckOnHome Initialization Error'. When looking at details of the step, I can see only:
Error Log
ERROR: Invalid username and/or password

I am at fault to understand which username/password is being referred to. I have checked Oracle Home credentials by running an OS command job with these credentials - job completed fine.

Obviously, patches can be applied the 'old' way - using OPatch from command line and then runing necessary SQL scripts, but I wanted to try new 'civilized' approach.

Anyone had this issue and know how to tackle it?

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